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Speaking Engagements

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This Chronology of Speaking Engagements partially documents a twenty-five year history of cult awareness education. Allen Wood is a consultant, writer and educator on cult psychology and addiction.

He is recognized for his radio and tv appearances and for his testimony before the Supreme Court in New York, the United States Congress and Her Majesty's High Court in London, England. He has made numerous appearances before a wide variety of audiences ranging from grade schools, church youth groups, high schools, universities(psychology, sociology, politics and religion classes), professional groups, in service trainings, training psychiatrists etc. both in the United States, Mexico and in Europe.

He has been a presenter and participant at national and international conferences on the psychology of the cult phenomenon. He has been praised for his cogent exposition of the the psychological variables at play during cult recruiting and indoctrination. As a former chief lecturer and workshop director for the Unification Church in the state of Maryland for two years he has extensive personal and anecdotal experience of the thought reform process.

In addition as President of the Freedom Leadership Foundation (The political arm of the Unification Church in America) he received direct personal instruction from Sun Myung Moon. In 1970 outside of Seoul Korea at the Unification Church's gun factory Mr. Moon described to Allen his plan of attack in America.

Chronology of Speaking Engagements